Step 1 - Email your order to or click on the CONTACT ME tab and fill out the form.
(I have all the options and information needed included on the form, so you won't miss a step and we can expedite your order.)

Step 2 - I will email you back with your Donation Quote.
(If you selected to automatically accept your Donation Quote, I will still email your Donation Quote to you but I will start on your project instead of waiting for your email confirmation indicating you accept the Donation Quote.)

Step 3 - You email me back confirming you want your Wood Project, you agree to my suggested Donation Quote and you would like me to get started making your Wood Project.
(This step will be skipped if you select you automatically accept your Donation Quote without reviewing it.)

Step 4 - I will begin working on your Wood Project.  I will keep you up to date via email on your Wood Project's status (Unless you ask not to be notified until your Wood Project is completed.)

Step 5 - Once your Wood Project has been completed, I will invoice you using PayPal and email you a picture of your completed Wood Project.
(Unless you would rather pay by mailing in a money order, then I will mail you a paper invoice.  Your Wood Project will not be shipped until I have received your payment.)

Step 6 - Once I have received payment from you, I will ship out your project.  Shipping takes between 1-3 business days.  I will also email you your Tracking Number where you may track your shipment on

Shipping Costs - Shipping is not included in my pricing.  I will be adding the appropriate amount to your total to cover shipping charges.  I use Flat Rate packaging through the United States Postal Services.

Padded Flat Rate Padded Envelope - $5.95

(12 1/2'' x 9 1/2'')

Small Flat Rate Box - $5.80
(8 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 1 5/8")

Medium Flat Rate Box - $12.35
(Style 1.  13 5/8" x 11 7/8" x 3 3/8")
(Style 2. 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2")

Large Flat Rate Box - $16.85
(12" x 12" x 5 1/2")


Email me with the following information:
1. Your custom design
(Or a description of what you'd like.)

2. Your choice of wood
(Please pick from my ~Available Wood~ photo album located in the gallery.  I will need the shape and size of your wood selection.)

3. Indicate what wood stain color you would like.
(Please pick from my ~Available Wood Stains~ photo album located in the gallery.  If you would like something other than I have available, please contact me to negotiate whether or not I can obtain the desired wood stain.)

4. Indicate if you'd like your project to be wood burned only or if you'd like it to have paint on it.

5. Indicate if you have a preference on wood stain to be used.
(You can say light, medium, dark or you may indicate the name of the specific wood stain you'd like me to use.)

6. Indicate if you would like to add a message or dedication on the back of your Wood Project.
(This is a great idea if you are buying this wood project as a gift.)

7. Indicate if you would like to have your project's clear gloss coating in water base or oil based varnish.
(Water base is for interior decorative pieces only.  This varnish does leave a slight yellowish tinge stain on any white painted areas but this is mostly due to the wood burning itself. 

Oil base is for outdoor pieces, anything that will be handled frequently or anything that will be exposed to high levels of water or humidity.  This varnish is more glossy looking than the water base.  Also it leaves a distinct yellow stain to the whole piece and especially to anything that was painted white or a lighter color.  Also this varnish has a stronger odor but it eventually dissipates over time.) 

8. Name and full address where your Wood Project will be shipped. 

9.  Indicate if you will be paying via PayPal or via Money Order.


Day 1: Sand down the plaque, sketch the design onto the plaque, wood burn the design and applying the wood stain.

Day 2: Now that the wood stain is dry, I paint anything that needs to be painted and allow the paint to dry. 
***If there is no painting to be done, I apply the first layer of the finishing clear coat glaze to protect the Wood Project. 

Day 3-7*: The Wood Project will take several layers of the finishing glaze to make sure your Wood Project is protected for years to come.  Each layer must dry completely before I can apply a new layer.  I paint on a total of 3-4 layers of the finishing glaze.  This can take anywhere from 1-4 days to complete depending on how long the glaze takes to dry and how large your Wood Project is.
(Each side of the Wood Project is given the 3-4 layers of finishing clear coat to protect the wood on all its surfaces.)

Final Day: I add the hook to the back of the project and double check the project over for quality control.  Then I take a picture of your Wood Project and email it to you as well as send you your invoice via your preferred method (PayPal or Mail).

*Your Wood Project will be wrapped in wax paper and/or bubble wrap to protect the project during shipping.  I mail it out to you via USPS after I have received your payment. You will be notified via email when your Wood Project has been shipped and given  your Tracking Number.

**I ship with USPS and it usually takes between 1-3 business days.  You can track your package at!

NOTE: Please note this is the ideal timeline for one project but actual timelines may vary.  Your wait time may be longer depending on how many other orders I have in front of you.  If you know you would like to have a Wood Project made as a gift for a holiday or birthday please order well in advance and take in consideration of any possible wait times.  Please contact me to inquire what the current wait time is so you have a better understanding of how long it should take for you to receive your order.  Please keep in mind each piece is hand decorated and I do take my time to make sure you are receiving the best quality art piece for your donation.

I appreciate your patience and understanding. 


All of my Wood Projects are unique and are for private enjoyment only.  All my Artwork(s) are not Copyrighted, Trademarked or owned by me in anyway.  None of my Artwork(s) are Licensed in anyway by any company.  I am not affiliated in anyway with any Company, Franchise, Person, (etc.) that maybe represented on or by any of my Artwork(s).  All money received by consumers are considered necessary DONATIONS to help pay for the time, materials and shipping needed to create and deliver each piece of Artwork(s).