I take a design that either you or I have submitted and wood burn it with a "wood burning pen" onto a wooden surface.  I can also paint your design if you wish.  I then paint on a clear and glossy protective coat onto the entire wooden project's surface.  Finally the plaque style wooden projects are given a metal hook for display purposes.

Surface Examples: Wooden plaques, trinket boxes, toy chests, wooden crates or any other flat wooden surface you'd like me to decorate!!!


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All of my Wood Projects are unique and are for private enjoyment only.  All my Artwork(s) are not Copyrighted, Trademarked or owned by me in anyway.  None of my Artwork(s) are Licensed in anyway by any company.  I am not affiliated in anyway with any Company, Franchise, Person, (etc.) that maybe represented on or by any of my Artwork(s).  All money received by consumers are considered necessary DONATIONS to help pay for the time, materials and shipping needed to create and deliver each piece of Artwork(s).